Aisha Wide Sleeve Longline Colour Block Cardigan-Ivory

If you are the type of woman who loves to be chic, stylish and comfortable, we've got the perfect addition to your summer clothes collection: the Aisha Wide Sleeve Longline Colour Block Cardigan-Ivory from lush label. This is not just any cardigan, but a muse that exudes effortless style and comfort combined. As the weather begins to transition from winter to spring, and finally summer, it might be the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe with the latest dresses online and premium knitted cardigans.

This particular cardigan boasts of elegance in its simplicity, adding a touch of contemporary fashion to your everyday look. It is a standout piece in our lineup of ladies' dresses and knits, thanks to its unique wide sleeve design and longline finishing. It offers an open front that makes for a relaxed, easy-to-wear vibe, allowing you to style it as you please.

Apart from its fashionable design, it has also been crafted with comfort in mind. The wide sleeves not only look trendy but also provide additional comfort, allowing your arms to free move without restriction. The cardigan is made from 85% Acrylic and 15% Polyamide, a blend that results in a knitwear that's soft, stretchy, and warm, perfect for those cool summer evenings.

The Aisha Wide Sleeve Longline Colour Block Cardigan-Ivory is available in different colours and an inclusive range of sizes from S/M (UK 8/12) to L/XL (UK 12/16). Its generous length of around 45"(115cm) complements its longline detail giving the cardigan a laid-back, Bohemian vibe.

This aesthetically pleasing cardigan is a fabulous addition to any woman's summer clothes ensemble. As many fashion-forward individuals flock to clothes shops in search of the perfect summer clothing, why hassle yourself with the crowd when you can conveniently shop for dresses online, right at the comfort of your own home.

Here at our online store, we pride ourselves in offering up-to-date ladies' dresses and high-quality knitted cardigans. The Aisha Wide Sleeve Longline Colour Block Cardigan-Ivory is just one look amidst our fantastic lineup of fashionable summer clothing by lush label.

Pair this cardigan with your favourite summer dress, skinny jeans, or even resort wear. Throw it over anything to give an immediate boost to your outfit. Whether you're looking for an attire for that coffee date, an afternoon at the beach, or a casual day at the office, this cardigan will fit the bill perfectly.

Our idea of fashion is a perfect blend of style, comfort and practicality and we believe that the Aisha Wide Sleeve Longline Colour Block Cardigan-Ivory embodies these values. This cardigan promises not just style but also durability as it is designed to withstand multiple washes without losing its shape or colour.

This easy-to-wear cardigan is all about effortless style and sophistication - perfect for women who appreciate chic, practical yet stylish fashion. We invite you to explore our online store that offers a wide array of summer clothes, ladies dresses and top-notch products from lush label. Be a trendsetter, be fashion-forward, and elevate your style game all by adding the Aisha Wide Sleeve Longline Colour Block Cardigan-Ivory to your wardrobe.

To wrap things up, The Aisha Wide Sleeve Longline Colour Block Cardigan-Ivory is a champion piece worth investing in this season. Its wider-than-usual sleeves, captivating longline detail, comfy stretchy fabric, and modern take on the traditional colour block design, rightfully earns it a highly coveted spot in every fashion-conscious woman's closet.

So why wait? Bag this style-savvy piece and other equally trendsetting summer clothes and dresses online from our store. Happy shopping and stay fabulous!