Alisa Striped 'AMOR' Knitted Jumper Sweater Top-Black

Picture this. A cool, trendy, and stylish knitted jumper top that suits any casual day you're having. Yes, we're talking about the Alisa Striped 'AMOR' Knitted Jumper Sweater Top in Black. This posh knitwear is not just your typical sweater but rather an archetype of fashion. Under our very own lush label, we aim to arm you with not just clothing items, but stylish pieces that give an indelible impression of sophistication.

Crafted with two charming colours, black and white, this knitted jumper top makes a perfect fit in your wardrobe. The timeless classic strips never go out of fashion and easily pair with any type of bottom wear, be it jeans or a skirt. The 'AMOR' heart printed detail at the front is a perfect addition to express one's love for fashion.

The Alisa Striped 'AMOR' Knitted Jumper Top-Black comes with a modern 'V' cut neckline, subtly showcasing your collar bone while leaving room for accessorising with necklaces or pendants. It delivers a hint of cheekiness while maintaining a high level of comfort. As an added bonus, this neck design caters to all body shapes, making it an inclusive piece of fashion.

The sweater's long sleeves also make it exceptionally versatile for any weather, whether you're out enjoying your summer nights or spending the day inside during colder days. The material is soft, stretchy, and made of 85% Acrylic and 15% Polyamide, making it durable and easy to maintain. This piece is available in S/M (UK 8/10) and M/L (UK 12/14) sizes, with an expected length of approximately 25"(64 cm).

Our selection of clothes, especially women's clothes, is tailored to suit your fashion needs throughout the four seasons. We understand that summer clothes need to be comfortable, breathable and, of course, stylish. The Alisa Striped 'AMOR' Knitted Jumper Top-Black fulfils all these expectations, and more. It is a perfect companion for a-day-in-the-city look or even as chic beachwear. You could even throw it over one of our party dresses for a breezy summer night.

Our clothes, party dresses included, are made to complement each other perfectly. This means you can mix and match the Alisa 'AMOR' Sweater with most items in your wardrobe effortlessly. Whether you're looking to exude a laid-back comfy vibe or going for a formal yet trendy look, this piece is your go-to.

lush label is more than an ecommerce store that sells clothes, we're in the business of selling confidence, style, and comfort in all our products. The Striped 'AMOR' Knitted Jumper Sweater Top-Black, for example, is the epitome of that mindset. This piece transcends seasons and can be worn practically all year round. It’s perfect for those cool summer nights or even for a cozy winter indoors.

The Alisa Striped 'AMOR' Knitted Jumper Top-Black is a testament that summer clothes can also feel cozy. This jumper top is all you need to take your fashion game to another level, whether you're attending a beach party or a casual city tour.

We could go on about how impeccably well this knitted jumper top blends with any piece of clothing. Still, we believe actions speak louder than words. Get yours today and let the Alisa Striped 'AMOR' Knitted Jumper Sweater Top-Black do all the talking. It's comfortable, versatile, trendy, and undeniably a summer essential you should not miss.

In conclusion, join the lush label family and own stylish, versatile, and chic clothes that make you look and feel fabulous. The Alisa Striped 'AMOR' Knitted Jumper Top-Black is just one of the many pieces that hold testament to our timeless look and feel. Enjoy an unparalleled fashion experience with us.

The Alisa Striped 'AMOR' Knitted Jumper Top-Black is perfect for the summer and for any other season, really. It brings a blend of versatility, comfort and style to your wardrobe. Consider this piece your daily-attire game changer. Embrace this fashion game-changer from lush label today.