Arlette Animal Chiffon Maxi Dress-Black

The Arlette Animal Chiffon Maxi Dress in black is a gorgeous chiffon summer dress infused with an animal print that boasts both style and elegance. This black chiffon dress screams sophistication with a low cut open front wrap neckline that is sure to make heads turn. The features of this dress not only ooze style but also offer enviable comfort, with an elasticated waistband that enhances your figure while ensuring maximum comfort.

Adding to its allure, the dress has 3/4th see-through sleeves with cuffed details elasticated for a perfect fit. The mix and match of sheer and opaque textures provide a unique fashion statement. This detail creates a dreamy, almost ethereal look that can be hard to find when shopping for dresses online.

A side slit adorns this beautiful dress, adding a modern and bold edge to the otherwise flowing silhouette. This flirtatious detail is balanced out with a short lining underneath which offers decent coverage without compromising on style. This carefully curated design makes it an ideal choice for women who want to feel free and unrestricted by their dresses while marinating a certain level of elegance.

In terms of material, this dress is soft and stretchy - a combination that ensures premium comfort, lending you the feeling of wearing your second skin. The dress comes in approx sizes S (UK 8), M (UK 10), L (UK 12), XL (UK 14). With an approx length of 55"(140cm) this dress is perfect for strutting around on summery days and nights.

The dress is made up of 100% polyester on the outside and a blend of 95% viscose and 5% elastane on the inside. This fabric combination ensures durability without compromising breathability and elasticity. Another plus is that the dress has been made in Italy - a country celebrated for its rich sartorial tradition.

These dresses for women, particularly the Arlette Animal Chiffon Maxi Dress in black ticks every box in terms of design, comfort, and style. This makes it a worthy addition to summer dresses that are both fashionable and functionally superior.

The lush label under which this dress falls, commits to offering innovative and fashion-forward designs and this dress is no exception. The brand believes in designing dresses that are joyous and liberating to wear, and that bring out the best in every woman. So when you put on this dress, you automatically get associated with a label that is known for its high-quality, style, and creativity.

This dress is the epitome of timeless fashion drenched in modern sensibilities. Animal prints are evergreen and can be styled in countless ways. Its diverse sizes make it inclusive - catering to various body types and sizes and not just restricted to a particular group.

While the blogger’s photos give a clear picture of how this beautiful dress can be styled, there might be slight variations in terms of product enhancement. The exact style, cut, print, and fit can be referred to in the mannequin images. This transparency in showcasing the product builds trust and makes online shopping a hassle-free and delightful experience.

Last but not least, its affordability makes the deal even sweeter. You get superior style, quality, uniqueness, and comfort, all at a reasonable price. So why wait? Grab your own Arlette Animal Chiffon Maxi Dress in black now and let your dress speak for your style statement!

In conclusion, the Arlette Animal Chiffon Maxi Dress is an example of superior craftsmanship that combines style and comfort in the best possible way. The dress incorporates an animal print design, an open wrap neckline and 3/4th see-through sleeves among other features that not only make a fashion statement but also ensure a perfect fit for the wearer.

The dress is available on the lush label website for ordering. You can directly place the order and enjoy a hassle-free, doorstep delivery. This luxurious black dress is a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe collection that you'd want to wear over and over. It is worth every penny! Own it and strut it!