Arya Longline Belted Knitted Cardigan-Cream

Introducing the Gorgeous Casual Wear Arya Longline Belted Knitted Cardigan-Cream – the cardigan that blends warmth, style, and class effortlessly. This elegantly designed attire is a perfect pick for this season, fashioned in a versatile tone of cream that simply exudes elegance. Constructed with soft and stretchy fabric, its comfortable fit will instantly bring a cozy vibe into any outfit for a day out or an evening get-together.

One of the most attractive elements of this Arya Longline Belted Knitted Cardigan is the longline detail with an open front curved hemline. This feature adds a beautiful layer to women's dresses, imbuing them with an air of sophisticated chic. Plus, it’s available in different colours, which means you can plan your outfits around your cardigan collection.

Another enticing feature is the long balloon sleeves with fitted ribbed cuffs, adding a trendy touch to the cardigan. The Arya Longline Belted Knitted Cardigan is styled with added pockets and a tie-up belt fastening detail. This detailing enhances its silhouette and adds to the overall convenience.

Approximately one size fits all (UK 8-14), ensuring that the cardigan remains inclusive for everyone. It fits women from size 8 up to size 14 comfortably, thereby promoting body positivity within plus size fashion. The length comes to approximately 48"(122cm) long, providing coverage and warmth. What's more, it's made from 100% Acrylic, guaranteeing durability and quality.

The Arya Longline Belted Knitted Cardigan-Cream isn’t just a garment; it is carefully designed attire that allows you to express your style in an open and impressive manner. Being a part of your casual wear, the cardigan is flexible to a range of outfits, making it a must-have in your wardrobe.

As we understand, the plus size fashion industry has been gaining ground in recent years. Empowering larger women to feel confident and fashionable is our mission at Arya, and with our Longline Belted Knitted Cardigan, we embrace diversity. Size doesn't determine style and beauty-- you do.

Among the most versatile of women's dresses are party dresses. Transforming your party attire without throwing off the outfit's theme can be challenging. Worry not! The Arya Longline Belted Knitted Cardigan is a lovely overlay to your party dresses, improving the overall look while ensuring warmth on those colder nights.

Even for regular dress shops, finding an outfit that elevates your style without burning a hole in your pocket can be stressful. However, this cardigan blends well with affordable clothes, proving that looking chic doesn't always need pricey clothes.

This cardigan suits all your needs perfectly, whether you are seeking an elegant work outfit, a chic statement for a lunch date, or the perfect layer for your party dress. It's an inexpensive way to reinvent your wardrobe, celebrate your curves, and indulge in stylish comfort.

In conclusion, the Arya Longline Belted Knitted Cardigan-Cream is more than just a cardigan. It is an epitome of fashion meeting comfort at an affordable price. It seamlessly fits into your wardrobe and diversifies your outfit choices, ensuring that you always have something stylish and cozy to wear.

The lush label of Arya is not just about producing clothes; it's about celebrating diversity in sizes, encouraging body positivity, and ensuring women look good without breaking the bank. With the Arya Longline Belted Knitted Cardigan-Cream, we stand by our commitment to offering quality, style, and affordability in the plus size fashion industry.