Bahira Longline Colour Block Knitted Cardigan-Brown

Be trend-savvy and embrace the cozy goodness of this Bahira Longline Colour Block Knitted Cardigan-Brown! This top-drawer cardigan is available at our online store and infuses an array of colours into its design. Its open-front knitted design makes it a unique piece in your wardrobe. Featuring a colour-blocking detail so impactful, it's sure to make heads turn.

The long sleeves and a hooded style orchestrate an impeccable finishing touch for a comfortable fit. The hood is not just stylish but also practical, sheltering you from unexpected drizzles or the cool beach breeze. Super soft and stretchy, don our Bahira Longline Colour Block Knitted Cardigan Brown and feel cosy chic.

And there's more good news, it also has pockets! Perfect for those crisp morning walks when all you need is your mobile and keys. The cardigan is available in S/M (UK 8/10) and M/L (UK 12/14) sizes approximating an ideal length of 36" (92cm) and is crafted exquisitely from 85% Acrylic and 15% Polyamide materials. Elevate your style and comfort with this must-have cardigan!

Shopping for dresses online can be a challenging task, especially when you’re on the hunt for fashion dresses that stand out. But fret not, the Bahira Longline Colour Block Knitted Cardigan-Brown brings a dash of style, comfort and functionality to your wardrobe. It is a trendy pick from our selection, guaranteed to augment your casual and smart-casual ensembles.

This cardigan bears a versatile nature. It can be styled easily with both summer dresses and winter wear, demonstrating its adaptability across seasons. Draped over a summer dress, it adds a stylish layer to your look, keeping any unseasonable chill at bay. During the winter months, pair it with your favorite jeans or trousers for an effortlessly cozy feel.

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Summing it up, the Bahira Longline Colour Block Knitted Cardigan-Brown ticks all the right boxes. It's trendy, comfortable, versatile, stylish and affordable. But that's not all, it's crafted from quality materials, ensuring long-lasting use. Discerning shoppers will love the added advantage of the hood and pockets, making it a practical choice as well.

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