Bella Pocket Detail Knitted Cardigan-Pink

Bring a touch of Italian chic to your wardrobe with the eye-catching Bella Pocket Detail Knitted Cardigan. This stylish piece is bang on trend, perfect for adding an extra dash of style to your casual or daytime look. Available in a variety of colours, this short-length cardigan features an open front detail and long balloon sleeves. Its comfortable and cozy design is ideal for those days when you need a little extra warmth without sacrificing style.

If you're a fan of versatile clothing pieces, then the Bella Pocket Detail Knitted Cardigan should be on your shopping list. Its soft and stretchy fabric will keep you comfortable all day long while its added front pocket detail brings a chic, modern edge to the design. This cardigan is a one size fits all, meaning it accommodates UK sizes 8 through to 14.

Additionally, it is 100% Acrylic, ensuring durability and longevity while allowing for easy care. The approximate length is 28" (72cm), providing excellent coverage. Handcrafted in Italy, each piece is made with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a high-quality finish set to impress.

Whether your aim is to perfect an everyday look or create a dressier ensemble, the Bella Pocket Detail Knitted Cardigan is a piece you can rely on to keep you both warm and on-trend. Its exceptional design and functionality make it a must-have addition to every woman's wardrobe.

This cardigan perfectly fits into the modern lifestyle of a woman who values comfort, style and versatility. clothes like these are perfect to fill your wardrobe with, as they offer chic looks that are always on-point. plus size dresses, such as the Bella Pocket Detail Knitted Cardigan, offer the luxury of comfort without compromising style. This cardigan would look fabulous when paired with cocktail dresses, making it the perfect addition to any party outfit.

The lush label, known for its trendy, affordable collection, brings you this beautiful cardigan that proves cheap clothes can be just as stylish and high-quality as their more expensive counterparts. The neutral colours and classic design of the Bella Pocket Detail Knitted Cardigan make it a versatile piece that can be paired with anything from your favourite jeans to your most glamorous party dress.

Fashion is not about compromising comfort for style, or vice versa. party dresses can be glamorous and comfortable at the same time. The Bella Pocket Detail Knitted Cardigan offers just that- a comfortable yet stylish cardigan that complements your party look by offering warmth and an added taste of elegance.

Though elegant, the Bella Pocket Detail Knitted Cardigan has the ability to easily dress down an outfit, providing a relaxed, casual edge to your look. This makes the cardigan perfect for everyday wear and for those moments where you need a comfortable go-to piece.

Finally, this cardigan is a great investment piece. It is affordable yet offers so much in terms of style and comfort. It is certainly one to add to your shopping list. A stylish and functional piece, this cardigan ticks all the boxes and definitely should not be missed. From casual wear to party pieces, the Bella Pocket Detail Knitted Cardigan is a wardrobe essential that will make every outfit ‘pop’ with a touch of Italian chic.

In conclusion, the Bella Pocket Detail Knitted Cardigan is a versatile piece that resonates with the modern woman's style. From plus size dresses to cocktail outfits and party dresses, it complements a variety of looks, proving that style doesn't have to empty your pocket. With a blend of warmth, elegance, and comfort, this knitted cardigan from the lush label is a flattering choice for any woman. Next time you're out shopping for cheap clothes, make sure to add this cardigan to your basket.

From its detailed design to its versatile functionality, the Bella Pocket Detail Knitted Cardigan is the perfect wardrobe addition for any woman looking to remain stylish, warm and comfortable, regardless of the occasion. It truly is a lifestyle piece that suits everyone and can be styled in a myriad of ways to suit your individual look. Make your next clothing purchase a wise one, choose the Bella Pocket Detail Knitted Cardigan.