Brooklyn 'NY' Oversized Hoodie Jumper Sweatshirt-Green

When it comes to casual comfy wear, nothing beats an oversized hooded jumper top. Our latest product – the Brooklyn 'NY' Oversized Hoodie Jumper Sweatshirt-Green pushes all the right buttons in terms of comfort, style, and versatility.

Available in various colours, and sporting a bold 'Brooklyn New York - 1898' printed detail on the front, this lush label sweatshirt stands out, whether you're sipping coffee at a hip café or lounging in the park. The crew neckline with long sleeves adds to the laid-back vibe while keeping you snug.

The soft and stretchy fabric blend, featuring 45% Polyester and 55% Cotton, feels gentle to the skin. Underneath, there's a soft fleece lining, promising extra warmth on those chilly days. Designed and Made in Italy, the quality of this sweatshirt is unquestionable.

Ideal for plus-size fashion enthusiasts, this sweatshirt is one size but fits flattering on sizes 8 up to 14. Furthermore, with an approx length of 32"(82cm), it offers modest coverage, making it the perfect partner to your skinny jeans or joggers.

When it comes to summer clothes, lightweight hoodies like this one are increasingly popular. They are easy to layer over tees, crop tops, or dresses, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Plus, with the price as friendly as the sweater itself, these aren't your typical cheap clothes-they're affordable chic.

Given today's more relaxed and flexible social environments, the Brooklyn 'NY' Oversized Hoodie Jumper Sweatshirt-Green fits perfectly into this context. It's an embodiment of the casual, chilled-out style that's been thriving in street fashion and gaining favor in dress shops around the globe.

Designed for comfort, this oversized hoodie celebrates a fashion trend that puts personal comfort and style above rigid fashion norms. It's a trend that's very inclusive, making it a top pick for plus-size dresses and clothing lines. It's all about feeling good in your own skin and flaunting your unique style.

The global shift towards more inclusive sizes has allowed women of all shapes and sizes to flaunt their style. This urban hoodie, catering to sizes 8 through 14, is exactly what the plus-size fashion world has been searching for.

There's something about summer clothes that endorses effortless style. This hoodie, with its printed detail and trendy design, embodies that. Lightweight yet warm enough for cool summer evenings, it's the perfect summer staple.

Finally, the return of the '90s grunge aesthetic has brought oversized clothing back into popular trend, and noting enhances the casual, rebellious spirit of the grunge aesthetic like a comfy and oversized hoodie. Couture dress shops and high street stores alike have been showcasing baggy sweaters, and our Brooklyn 'NY' Hoodie falls right in line.

In conclusion, our Brooklyn 'NY' Oversized Hoodie Jumper Sweatshirt-Green isn't just a wardrobe addition, it's an investment in versatility, comfort, and style. It's a salute to the plus-size fashion, promoting inclusivity and freedom of style.

Embrace the fresh, casual vibe of summer clothes with this radiant piece. Whether you are hunting for dressier garb at a dress shop or scouring for cheap clothes online, don't miss out on this trendy and budget-friendly addition to your summer wardrobe. Shop now and embrace your unique style!