Darcie Denim Long Sleeve Shirt Top-Blue

Elevate your casual wardrobe with our Darcie Denim Long Sleeve Shirt Top. Adding a twist to your everyday look, this denim shirt top is a perfect blend of classy and chic while promising comfort. By incorporating front frill pleated detail and a high neckline with open front button fastening, this top provides an elegant finish to any look. In addition, the look is impeccably completed with a chic denim color that can be paired with any shades of bottoms.

Apart from the versatility of the blue denim, the long puffed style sleeves with single button on the cuffs add an extra layer of sophistication. Ideal for all sorts of occasions, the shirt can be easily dressed up with a few accessories for an evening out, while it is equally great for a casual day out in the city.

Available in all ranges from XS (UK 6) to XL (UK 14), this top is perfect for all body types and styles. Made from a soft and stretchy material comprised of 71% Cotton, 28% Polyester, and a hint of 1% Elastane for that extra comfort and stretch. The shirt has an approximate length of 22" (56cm), adding just the right touch of fit and flare to the look.

Perfectly paired with our party dresses, ladies dresses, and cocktail dresses, this denim shirt makes a versatile and functional addition to any wardrobe. It is not just style and fashion-forward, but also a timeless piece that will never go out of style.

Our Darcie Denim Long Sleeve Shirt Top fits flawlessly into a range of styles and occasions. From our lush label, it can seamlessly blend in with plus size clothing as well as dresses for women. A lunch date or a leisurely shopping spree? This shirt is your go-to. Planning for a high-tea party? Simply throw on some jewelry and this classy denim shirt instantly transforms into an elegant outfit.

For a more sophisticated look, pair the shirt with one of our cocktail dresses, throw in a pair of stylish heels and you're party-ready! This top complements not just casual outfits but effortlessly jazzes up the party dresses too. On chilled out weekends, opt to pair it with our ladies dresses for an effortlessly chic weekend style.

This fashion-forward shirt also complements our plus size clothing range. We believe in beauty at all sizes, and this shirt aligns with that belief perfectly, providing style and comfort regardless of the body type. Isn't that the beauty of denim? It's universal, adaptable and eternally fashionable.

Moving to more formal settings, this denim shirt top can be paired with our dresses for women. A perfect companion for formal lunches or corporate events, this shirt can elevate your minimalistic dress into a fashion statement.

The versatility of the Darcie Denim Long Sleeve Shirt extends beyond. Marry it with our lush label collections and create iconic looks for both day and night. With a chunky neckpiece and an eclectic skirt or trouser, it brings a splash of bold and beautiful to your style.

In summary, our Darcie Denim Long Sleeve Shirt is a must-have for a fashion-forward individual. Its versatility, comfort, and impeccable style make it a seamless fit for a range of wardrobes and styles. It captures the love for trendy yet comfortable dressing, infusing a hint of class into casual wear.

Whether paired with party dresses, ladies dresses, cocktail dresses, plus size clothing, or dresses for women, this top transcends boundaries. From casual to dressy and everything in between, the Darcie Denim Long Sleeve Shirt Top is here to redefine your style statement. Upgrade your wardrobe with this gem today!