'EVIL EYE' Shimmer Knitted Jumper Sweater Top-Ivory

You've always prided yourself on being a trendsetter, haven't you? The one who steps into a room and commands attention without uttering a word. Why? Because your clothes say it all. Now, with the 'EVIL EYE' Shimmer Knitted Jumper Sweater Top-Ivory, you won't just be making a statement, you'll be setting a whole new trend. Just picture it, the light catching the shimmer of that quirky, fun 'EVIL EYE' graphic as you strut your stuff. fashion just got that much more exciting.

This jumper top is a fresh take on casual styling. Numerous colors lend the graphic printed design an enviable chic look, so you can express your personal style in dazzling fashion. And although it screams high-fashion, it hasn't compromised on comfort! The asymmetric high low cut gives it an edgy touch but most importantly, it's super comfy and highly versatile. Don it with your favorite jeans for a casual day out or a pencil skirt for an edgy office look.

Let's talk about size options. This top is available in sizes S/M (UK 8/10) and M/L (UK 10/12). You're guaranteed a flattering fit that will bring out the best in your figure. Not too loose, not too tight - just the right amount of perfect. With a front middle length of approximately 14"(36cm) and a back middle length of 23"(59cm), it’s crafted to highlight the best of both worlds - a trendy look and a comfy fit.

Put your trust in fashion made in Italy, a hub of style and glamour. The 'EVIL EYE' top is made from 85% Acrylic and 15% Polyamide. In short, you're investing in clothes crafted with love and passion for fashion, promising longevity along with comfort.

summer dresses are fantastic, and there are loads of dress shops that offer them, but what do you wear when you need a break from them? Sure, cocktail dresses are great for a night out and can help you slay any evening event, but can they provide the cosy comfort and trendy vibe of this 'EVIL EYE' shimmer knitted jumper top? Think about it.

This top could easily fit into your summer or winter wardrobe due to its versatility. Summer evenings can get chilly, and what better to slide into than this stylish, warm jumper? It also makes for a fantastic layering piece in the colder months, breathing life into your fall and winter attire.

The lush label is all about unique, trendy fashion that breaks boundaries and sets new trends. This jumper top epitomises that spirit, with its graphic eye-catching design and chic finish. It's not just a piece of clothing, it's a fashion statement.

Nobody wants to blend into a crowd, and with the 'EVIL EYE', you certainly won't have to. It’s an investment in your style statement. Don it and you’re saying, ‘I’m here, I have an impeccable taste in fashion, and I’m not afraid to show it!’

You'll feel nothing short of amazing when you play dress up with this jumper top. It will empower you to flaunt your unique style and make a bold fashionista impression. From casual outings to elegant dinners, it’s a remarkable piece that is sure to make heads turn.

In summary, this 'EVIL EYE' Shimmer Knitted Jumper Sweater Top-Ivory provides more than just comfort, it brings an avalanche of style. The soft, stretchy fabric, and dynamic design create a memorable piece that allows you to showcase your personality through fashion. Whether you're ditching summer dresses for the day or updating your cocktail dresses for an evening out, this jumper top is a must-have addition that promises to make your wardrobe more exciting.

So, jump on trend with this eye-catching top. Explore the world of fashion on your own terms with the lush label. After all, why fit in when you were born to stand out?