Jordan Leatherette Pocket Detail Trousers-Black

Here at lush label, we are incredibly excited to introduce one of our latest fashion masterpieces, the Jordan Leatherette Pocket Detail Trousers in black. Emanating an inescapable allure of sophisticated fashion, these trousers are versatile enough to complement a wide variety of women's clothing online. What sets these faux leather trousers apart from the others, are their perfect blend of flexibility, durability, luxury and style.

The first impression of these trousers comes from the bold, black and brilliantly glossy exterior. The trendy faux leatherette finish helps you stand out in every crowd. But that's not all. Available in several other stunning colours, we are positive you will find a hue to suit your unique fashion style.

Let’s talk comfort. The trousers are soft to touch and offer a great deal of stretchability, ensuring freedom of movement no matter what. The front is elegantly adorned by a neat zip and button detail which further enhances the attractive features of these faux leather trousers.

The Jordan Leatherette trousers are also meticulously rendered with pocket details both at the front and back. These not only add to the style factor, but also provide a practical purpose. The approximate length of the inside leg measures at 29"(74cm), and they come in sizes from 34 (UK 6) to 42 (UK 14). The trousers are composed of 70% Cotton, 25% Polyester, and 5% Elastane. So, whether you're a size 6 or a size 14, these fashion-forward trousers can make you look phenomenal.

Why do we think you'd love our Jordan Leatherette Trousers? Well, fashion dresses and party dresses have their special charm, but every wardrobe needs its staple of versatile trousers. These leatherette trousers with their chic aura, comfortably fit into this category.

The trousers embody a chameleon-like quality; they so effortlessly transit from day to night wear. Whether you're going for an important work meeting or hitting the town for an after-hour cocktail, these trousers can seamlessly match the occasion.

While clothing trends might vary with seasons, the appeal of black trousers will never fade. women's clothing online often offers endless choices, but the Jordan Leatherette trousers stand out with their timeless style and versatility.

These trousers also redefine practicality. Unlike real leather which can be high-maintenance, faux leather is durable, easy to clean and much friendlier to your pocket. And remember, brown coloured trousers are not suitable for machine wash, so be sure to hand wash them in low temperatures.

At lush label, we understand that fashion isn't just about looking good. It is also about the confidence and empowerment you feel wearing them. The Jordan Leatherette Trousers are all about that and so much more.

In conclusion, the Jordan Leatherette Pocket Detail Trousers are more than just another addition to our collection of dresses for women. They embody an artful blend of style, comfort, and versatility.

Whether you pair these with a cool tee for an afternoon outing or a shimmering top for a party night, they will never fail to draw compliments. Step into the world of impeccable fashion with the luxurious feel of these trousers, and make a statement that is unarguably, irresistibly you. Take your style up a notch; it’s time to shine with lush label.