Jordan Leatherette Pocket Detail Trousers-Brown

Trendy, chic, and absolutely stylish, the Jordan Leatherette Pocket Detail Trousers in Brown are a novel addition any wardrobe sorely needs. These gorgeous trousers perfectly marry a classic aesthetic with an edgy, modern design, creating an utterly irresistible fashion piece. The trousers feature a stunning faux leatherette look that will elevate your ensemble to new, bold heights.

These trousers aren’t just about the looks, though; they’re also designed with comfort and functionality in mind. They are available in a variety of colours. So, whether you’re dressing up for a classy event, aiming for a cute cafe outfit, or just enjoying a relaxing day at home, these trousers have got you covered. Moreover, they’re soft and stretchy, ensuring optimal comfort alongside their trendy design.

These brown trousers also come with a front zip and button detail, making them very easy to wear and even easier to style. They also come with a pocket detail in the front and back, adding function to these striking trousers. With these functional and fashionable details, these trousers are really all about the wearer’s comfort and style.

The Jordan Leatherette Pocket Detail Trousers have the approximate inside leg measures of 29"(74cm) and are offered in a variety of sizes: 34 (UK 6), 36 (UK 8), 38 (UK 10), 40 (UK 12), 42 (UK 14). The trousers are made from 70% Cotton, 25% Polyester, and 5% Elastane. Additionally, please note the brown colour is not suitable for machine wash. Please hand wash in low temperatures to maintain their lush quality.

Now why should you consider adding these trousers to your style? They are considerably versatile. Whether you’re pairing them with cocktail dresses, summer dresses, or any attire you fancy, these brown trousers can elevate your style game. They can serve as the perfect edgy contrast to any cheap dresses you might have in your closet, instantly enhancing your look without breaking the bank.

Moreover, these trousers serve to be a central piece in plus size fashion. They're both comfortable and trendy, addressing the need for stylish and size-inclusive apparel in the fashion industry. They are also part of the renowned lush label collection, bringing a mark of quality assurance and unbeatable style to your shopping.

Importantly, these trousers could fit perfectly into the gamut of clothing stores because of their style versatility. They can be easily categorized under street-style, party-wear, or casual wear. The classic brown color and the trendsetting faux leatherette finish make them a must-have for fashion enthusiasts.

It’s also worth noting that they are made from a blend of materials that ensure both comfort and longevity. The 70% cotton content guarantees breathability, while the addition of polyester grants durability, and the hint of elastane lends flexibility. This makes them a value-for-money investment, lasting you through many seasons and fashion cycles.

Finally, the trousers suit individuals of all style sensibilities. Whether you prefer cocktail dresses for night-outs, summer dresses for beachside getaways, or cheap dresses for day-to-day fashion, these trousers can seamlessly enhance your chosen ensemble. Their unique flair and prime comfort make them a truly versatile fashion essential.

In summary, the Jordan Leatherette Pocket Detail Trousers in Brown are a fashion-forward, functional, and comfortable addition to any wardrobe. While they are elegant and chic on their own, their charm is further enhanced when paired with cocktail or summer dresses. They are sure to be a fashionable staple that can seamlessly transition across occasions, settings, and style preferences.

They also embody the ideal of inclusive fashion, making them a key piece in plus size fashion. They are proudly part of the lush label collection, guaranteeing style and quality in equal measure. With these trousers, you can create an unforgettable style statement that's bound to turn heads. Bring home this lush mix of comfort, style, and functionality today!