Jordan PLUS SIZE Leatherette Pocket Detail Trousers-Black

Welcome fashionistas, ladies who adore summer dresses and the pulsating pulse of plus size fashion! Are you tired of scrolling through clothing stores, hoping to find that one piece that stands out? Weary of the same mainstream dress shops that offer the same style, replicated a thousand times over? Well then, allow us to introduce you to our newest arrival at our ever popular lush label- the Jordan PLUS SIZE Leatherette Pocket Detail Trousers in black. A stylish piece of clothing that will surely be a game changer.

These trousers are manufactured using the contemporary faux leatherette look. They're trendy, stylish and certainly not your average pair of trousers. With an appearance as sleek as an evening summer dress but with the comfort and flexibility of your favourite ladies dresses, these trousers redefine style for the 21st century woman.

But beyond style, our Jordan PLUS SIZE trousers are also all about comfort. They're soft and stretchy, providing a perfect fit for your form. A front zip/button detail adds a classical touch to the design, ensuring they're as practical as they are fashionable.

Our trousers also boast pocket detail both in the front and back, further it is functional without compromising the sleek design. The inside leg measures approximately 29"(74cm), offering a comfortable length that is not too long or too short. Our sizes range from 40 (UK 12) to 48 (UK 20) hence we have catered for all your plus size fashion.

These faux leatherette trousers have been carefully designed with the plus size fashion lover in mind. At a time when most clothing stores are just starting to recognise the need for size inclusivity, these trousers are a breath of fresh air. They acknowledge and celebrate the fact that beauty and style are not confined to a particular size range.

The trousers boldly fit into the current fashion landscape. In an era where comfort and style are equally important, they offer an excellent blend of these two key features. They fit perfectly into our lush label collection, our distinctive range of summer dresses is loved for its perfect ensemble of vibrancy and comfort.

From casual outings to high-powered meetings, these trousers will keep you looking chic and feeling comfortable. When it comes to plus size fashion, we understand how hard it is to find proper clothing in standard dress shops. With our Jordan PLUS SIZE trousers, we aim to fill this gap in the market.

Not only are these trousers versatile and stylish, but they are also made of high-quality material that is durable and will retain its shape. Made from 10% PU 67% Cotton, with 20% Polyester and 3% Elastane, these trousers confirm our commitment toward excellence – a long-standing tradition of the entire lush label collection.

In summary, our Jordan PLUS SIZE Leatherette Pocket Detail Trousers in black present a unique opportunity. An opportunity to experience style, comfort, and freedom like never before. Made with high-quality materials and designed with an avant-garde fashion sense, these trousers are here to revolutionize your wardrobe.

So let’s tear down those fashion boundaries. It’s time to put away those illusions that plus size fashion is lacking in style. With our Jordan PLUS SIZE trousers, let's redefine style and elegance for women of all sizes. Here's to comfort, here's to style and here's to a world that values inclusivity. Happy shopping!