Kelsie Colour Block Animal Print Shirt Blouse Top-Brown

Be the best dressed in this chic and stylish paisley animal blouse! With its gorgeous design, it stands out as a trendy choice among the dresses for women. Featuring a collared neck with multicolour contrast block printing, and long sleeves with twin button detail at the cuffs, this Kelsie Colour Block Animal Print Shirt Blouse Top-Brown delivers a polished and versatile look.

Soft and stretchy with a curved hemline, it is designed for a comfortable fit. It's also available in different colours to match any wardrobe and comes in a variety of sizes, from approx. sizes of S (UK 8) M (UK 10) L (UK 12), catering to a diverse range of body shapes and sizes. It's an excellent addition to any store's plus size clothing collection.

With an approximate length of 26" (66cm), it adds an elegant touch to any ensemble. Pair this blouse with your favourite jeans or skirt to create an effortless yet fashionable look. The clothes you wear can truly express your personal style, and this blouse is artfully designed to help you do just that.

Made from 95% polyester and 5% Elastane, this blouse is not only stylish but also durable. Crafted in Italy with the highest quality materials and attention to detail, it ensures a perfect blend of style and comfort.

Why does this blouse fit perfectly in this context? Today, ladies dresses have evolved to embrace patterns and designs that highlight personality and style. The animal print of this blouse, coupled with the unique block colours, offers a charming, stylish, and contemporary look whilst maintaining a classic design.

When it comes to dress shops, those with a diverse and unique collection of clothes tend to stand out. This blouse will fit perfectly into any fashion-forward store looking to offer their customers versatile and stylish items. The unique contrast block print stands out amongst other designs, giving dress shops the edge in the market.

The trend in the fashion industry is shifting towards body inclusivity and diversity. This makes the blouse a necessary inclusion in any store's plus size clothing line. The long sleeves, collared neck, and flattering length make it comfortable and stylish for every woman to wear.

Not only is the blouse trendy and versatile, but it is also of high-quality, which aligns with the values of the lush label. At lush label, we prioritize quality and style, ensuring you get the best of both in every product.

Being trendy doesn't mean compromising comfort. The soft and stretchy material of this blouse guarantees comfort and unrestricted movement, allowing wearers to go about their daily activities without discomfort.

In conclusion, the Kelsie Colour Block Animal Print Shirt Blouse Top-Brown is a chic and stylish addition to any closet. Its unique design and high-quality material make it stand out in the crowded market of dresses for women, brilliantly catering to the modern woman's need for versatile, comfortable, and stylish clothes.

Whether you're a dress shop looking to broaden your range, or a fashion enthusiast looking for your next favourite blouse, this product is an excellent choice. With its trendy design and quality make, it undoubtedly carries the lush label promise of comfort, style, and quality.