Kenya Faux Leatherette Front Wrap Skirt-Black

We are thrilled to introduce our latest chic addition to the e-commerce store- the Kenya Faux Leatherette Front Wrap Skirt in Black! This trendy midi skirt is a perfect blend of modern fashion with a sophisticated touch. From office hours to evening outs, this versatile skirt pairs wonderfully with straight cut blouses for the perfect 9-to-5 ensemble or with sequinned tops for a spectacular date night look.

Crafted in Italy from a blend of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, this fashion-forward item is soft, comfortable, and stretchy - perfect for every season. The open front with its wrapped silhouette lends the piece an asymmetric look. The side tie-up belt detail and zip fastening add to its sleek aesthetics. The skirt is available in sizes ranging from S (UK 8) to L (UK 12), with an approximate length of 33" (84 cm).

Dressing it up or down is easy with the right accessories, and you will be able to take it from the office to an evening out with ease. Be it ladies dresses, fashion dresses or even paired with summer clothes, this item will become a wardrobe must-have.

Speaking of summer clothes, as the weather gets warmer, we are all on the hunt for stylish, easy-to-wear pieces which keep us looking cool and feel good. And that's where the Kenya Faux Leatherette Front Wrap Skirt-Black steps in. Paired with a cool, crisp white shirt or a bright color-pop blouse, it's picture-perfect for those hot sunny days!

Now, let's delve into why this fabulous midi skirt fits so perfectly into this context. One of the most significant factors is its versatile nature. No matter if you are pairing it with fashion dresses or ladies dresses, it jazzes up your look, giving you a sassy yet refined appeal. Be it a casual day-out or a special occasion, this wrap skirt has you covered!

Secondly, its trendy, contemporary design places it at the forefront of modern fashion. The open front wrap style, coupled with the side tie-up belt detail, makes it a standout piece. The lush label of this skirt inherently adds an air of luxury and exclusivity to your outfit, instantly elevating your entire look.

In such a high-paced world, where everyone is constantly seeking comfort, the soft-to-touch feel and stretchy fit of this skirt are nothing short of a blessing. Even during the summer months, it ensures that you move with ease while keeping stylish.

Lastly, black is a universally appealing color, partnering beautifully with any shade in the color palette. The choice of black for the Kenya Faux Leatherette Front Wrap Skirt allows you versatility in mixing and matching with different upper garments, from casual tees to silk blouses, fashion dresses, or even summer clothes.

Isn't it amazing how one smart piece of clothing can give you a plethora of fashion choices? That's what the Kenya Faux Leatherette Front Wrap Skirt brings to the table!

To summarize, this trendy midi skirt is an upscale, luxe wardrobe addition that epitomizes contemporary style and comfort. With its chic design and the lush label, the Kenya Faux Leatherette Front Wrap Skirt-Black is a real fashion game-changer that effortlessly fits into any outfit context.

It is more than just an item of clothing - it is a fashion statement. And the most thrilling aspect? It can be yours with just a single click! So why wait? Spruce up your collection with this incredible find, one that you'll undoubtedly cherish for a long time to come.