Kira Oversized Abstract Floral Tunic Dress-Red

Experience the ultimate summer style with our Kira Oversized Abstract Floral Tunic Dress. This fashion-forward dress is a standout piece that adds a pop of color to any summer wardrobe. Crafted with breathtaking abstract floral designs, it perfectly combines artistic expression with chic fashion, creating a design that transcends into a stunning fashion spectacle.

The abstract floral design is a representation of the creativity and inspirational spirit of the chic, modern woman. The embellishments enrich the dress, adding a memorable touch to this endearing summer ensemble. The Kira Oversized Abstract Floral Tunic Dress is not just a summer dress, it's a statement of style and elegance.

This summer dress boasts a semi-collared, ‘V' cut neckline and 3/4 sleeves that add a touch of sophistication while considering comfort. The tiered details and top half button down fastening add unique elements to the piece, making it an irresistible product under the lush label.

Available in One Size (UK 8-14), the dress fits between size 8 up to size 14, with an approx. length of: 34"(87cm). Made in Italy with 100% soft and stretchy Viscose, it adds comfort to the style, and speaks volumes about the Italian craftsmanship and the fashion designer's attention to detail.

Why is the Kira Oversized Abstract Floral Tunic Dress a must-have summer dress? For starters, summer clothes should be both stylish and comfortable, keeping you cool during those warm, sunny days. This is precisely what this dress delivers, with its lightweight and stretchy material, you're guaranteed maximum comfort while staying stylishly on point.

The dress's abstract floral design brings that summer vibrancy we all crave. The playful prints brighten your wardrobe, making it perfect for those beach trips, summer outings, or laid-back, relaxed brunches with your friends. Such vibrant prints are a powerful embodiment of the summer season.

Also, this is a dress from a lush label, an indication that when you slip into this dress, you're not just wearing a piece of fabric but a carefully crafted piece of artistic fashion. lush label is renowned for the quality of their ladies dresses with an emphasis on contemporary designs, comfort, and luxury.

The versatility of the Kira Oversized Abstract Floral Tunic Dress is an added advantage. This dress can be worn for all occasions, be it a casual coffee date or even a classy evening event. Pair it with flats for a casual cool look or heels for a more sophisticated style.

And lastly, the dress comes in various colors and patterns. This offers your wardrobe a diversity of choice. You can go bold with our bright colors, or choose a more subtle palette for a toned-down look. You can also opt for different patterns to suit your style preference.

In summary, the Kira Oversized Abstract Floral Tunic Dress is an embodiment of the perfect blend between style and comfort. With a fashion designer's touch, this lush label guarantees that every inch of the dress is expertly crafted to add style to your summer days. It's not just any dress, it's a fashion statement.

Make your summer memories unforgettable with this amazing summer dress. Make every moment count, make every street your runway, and let the Kira Oversized Abstract Floral Tunic Dress-red announce your arrival with style. It's available now, get this elegant summer standout piece and feel beautiful, confident and fashion-forward.