Lola Elasticated PU High Waist Leggings

Say hello to our latest wardrobe essential, our fabulous Lola Elasticated PU High Waist Leggings. Sleek, uber-chic, and undeniably fashionable, our amazingly stylish and super trendy PU skinny leggings embody the true expression of women's style. The perfect combination of style, comfort, and longevity, these leggings are here to enhance your everyday look while keeping you comfy all day long.

What sets our PU leggings apart is their exceptional design. They come with a high waist featuring an elasticated waistband, providing the right amount of snugness and ensuring a comfortable fit. No matter your body type or size, these high waist leggings will flatter your figure, accentuating your natural curves and making you look stunning.

Ensuring you look stylish without compromising on practicality, our Lola Leggings come with front and back pocket detail. This gives you just enough storage to keep your essentials close without disturbing your overall look. Perfect for when you want to go hands-free or don't feel like carrying a big bag.

Concerned about the length? Well, there's no need for that. With an approximate inside leg measurement of 29"(74cm), these leggings are designed to fit you perfectly. They’re long enough to give you that smooth, streamlined look you love, without being so long that they bunch up at the ankles.

The Lola Leggings are made of 10% PU, 67% Cotton, 20% Polyester, and 3% Elastane. This unique blend of durable material ensures the leggings are stretchy, comfortable, and retain their form for a long time. And you'll be pleased to know that they are available in a range of sizes from 36 (UK 8) to 44 (UK 16).

Summer is all about fun in the sun and finding the perfect summer clothes to dance the night away. summer dresses are all the rage, thanks to dresses online shopping, but a good pair of leggings can be just as versatile, if not more. You can pair them with anything from oversized tees to cute crop tops or even dressy blouses, setting your style quotient high.

Lola Leggings are the fashion canvas you need for creating unique summer looks. You can match these leggings with your favourite summer dresses for women to create fabulous day-to-night outfit transformations. Why limit yourself to just cheap dresses when you can make a fashion statement with our Lola Leggings?

At lush label, we believe in taking fashion to the next level, and that's why we love these leggings. Not only do they stand out from the standard summer dresses, but they also offer versatility that goes beyond just one season. Wear them under your dresses for a layered look or simply team them with a casual shirt and trainers for a street-ready look!

The point of great fashion isn’t just to look good – it’s to feel good too. And the Lola Elasticated PU High Waist Leggings can provide you with that feel-good factor. They’re stylish, comfortable, and their high-quality materials provide stretch and support in all the right places.

Our fashion experts believe that Lola Leggings are an ultimate wardrobe essential for every woman. They are perfect for those days when you want to keep it casual and cool, yet stylish and chic. Plus, they are quite affordable, offering more value than your typical cheap dresses available online.

In conclusion, the Lola Elasticated PU High Waist Leggings are taking the world of fashion by storm, making their mark as a must-have wardrobe item. Versatile, stylish, and comfortable, they perfectly fit any occasion, mood, or season.

So, ladies, don't limit yourselves to the ocean of dresses online. Embrace this stylish change in the form of our Lola Leggings and elevate your fashion game this season. After all, why walk when you can strut? Step into summer with our fabulous and chic Lola Leggings and let your summer clothes do the talking!