Marcia Longline Knitted Cardigan-Mint

There's something about the Marcia Longline Knitted Cardigan that screams elegance and style. It's not your everyday cardigan - we're talking about a capsule wardrobe piece ideal for throwing over a t shirt, jeans or even a dress. One may wonder, what makes it so special? Well, instead of the typical cardigan, this knitted beauty is a light wear garment that's perfect for the current climate. Whether you're running errands, going to work, or staying at home, you'll keep warm without sweating buckets.

The knitted texture of the Marcia Longline Cardigan in mint offers an effortlessly stylish look, making it the perfect casual piece for those laid back and chilled out days. The fact that it is made in Italy only adds to its appeal. Italy is renowned worldwide for its high-quality and expert tailoring. Therefore, when you're wearing this cardigan, you're not just flaunting an article of clothing - you're displaying a piece of art.

With a length that sits just right - mid-longline, to be precise - this cardigan will go well with everything from jeans to dresses. The open-front detail is a trendy feature that gives the cardigan its unique, stylish edge. It comes in a host of vibrant colours, offering versatility in terms of styling. It's the kind of cardigan that instantly lifts your style game - a must-have in every woman's wardrobe.

This cardigan offers an ideal blend of practicality and style, with a composition of 50% acrylic, 30% nylon, 10% lana, and 10% viscose. These materials are soft to the touch, stretchy for ultimate comfort, and durable. With approximate size being One Size (UK 8-14 - fits between size 8 up to size 14), the cardigan is crafted to ensure it fits perfectly, regardless of your shape or size.

More good news! The Marcia Longline Cardigan thankfully fits right into the plus size fashion, an area often overlooked in the fashion industry. Being a one size fits all garment, it's the cardigan's inclusivity that makes it a winner.

Let's talk about how you can style this cardigan. Picture this - you're off to the dress shop, and you need a chic yet comfortable outfit. Pair the cardigan with a simple dress, throw on your favourite pair of boots or sneakers, and voila! You have an effortlessly stylish outfit ready to impress. Other fashion dresses could also feature in your outfit choices with this cardigan, making it the perfect partner for your dressy occasions.

For a slightly more formal look, think of coloured trousers and a blouse paired with this lush label cardigan. The colours provide the right amount of pop to match the soft green hue of the cardigan, making it a show-stealer in any setting.

The Marcia Longline Cardigan is one of those timeless pieces of clothing that, no matter how much you wear it, it never goes out of style. Whether you're layering it up in winters or throwing it over a summer dress on cooler evenings, it lends a classic, chic touch to your outfit.

plus size fashion lovers rejoice, as this is the cardigan made for us. We know that clothes shopping can often turn into a headache, trying to find something that suits our style and matches our size. But that's not the case with this cardigan. Its flexible sizing makes it a favourite among dress shops and customers alike.

In conclusion, the Marcia Longline Cardigan is not just a cardigan, but a fashion statement. Its inclusivity, classic design, and versatility promises to make a vibrant addition to your wardrobe. Not to mention, its soft and stretchy fabric ensures that you remain comfortable and fashionable all day long. So, say goodbye to your run-of-the-mill clothing options and elevate your clothing game with this piece!

Add a Marcia Longline Cardigan to your wardrobe and make getting dressed every day a breeze. Whether you're into dresses or prefer casual wear, this cardigan is a perfect add-on. It's time to accessorize your wardrobe with a piece from lush label that will certainly enhance your style!