Myla Oversized Faux Leather Blazer Jacket-Black

You've got the sexy dresses, you've sorted out the ladies dresses for every occasion and your wardrobe is packed with a plethora of women's dresses suitable for every season. Now, what you need is that perfect jacket to accentuate your outfit in an elegant and stylish way. Enter the Myla Oversized Faux Leather Blazer Jacket in black, your new go-to piece in your fashion collection. Bursting with smart and sophisticated chic, this blazer is a gorgeous fusion of form and function.

This masterfully crafted oversized blazer jacket comes in a variety of different colours, giving you the perfect choice to complement your summer clothes. Its defining feature is the collared neck with an open front detail that adds a modern flair to the classic design. The detailed front buttons not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also construct the illusion of pocket flaps for that desirable, contemporary look.

To ramp up the vogue factor, the jacket possesses three quarter sleeves with contrasting faux leatherette detail exclusive to the cuffs. Moreover, the soft shoulder pads with lining underneath make this jacket a comfortable wear without compromising on style.

Available in multiple sizes, from S (UK 8) to XL (UK 14), this blazer has got you covered no matter your size. Furthermore, with an ideal length of 30 inches (76 cm), it hangs perfectly, enhancing your silhouette to perfection. Made from 100% Polyester and 95% Polyester with 5% Elastane, the Myla Oversized Faux Leather Blazer Jacket is soft to touch, stretchy and promises to be a durable addition to your wardrobe.

This jacket is perfect for any event that requires that elegant touch. Whether you're going for a business meeting or a dinner party, it offers a versatile option which you can pair with your summer clothes to give you that high-fashion look. Additionally, with its soft structure, it masterfully balances comfort with luxury.

ladies dresses are incomplete without a statement piece like this blazer to pull the look together. With a lush label like ours that is known for creating exclusive designer pieces, this jacket adds an extra dimension to your ensemble taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.

This jacket is also a brilliant way to spruce up your informal and casual outfits in an instant. Imagine pairing this with your favourite pair of jeans, plain white tee and a sexy pair of boots. You've got an effortless chic look just like that. It's a fashion designer-worthy style that you can pull off every day!

The Myla Oversized Faux Leather Blazer Jacket not only shines when paired with sexy dresses for an evening out but also adapts effortlessly for a more casual affair. This tells us it's not just a great piece to have, but also a must-have.

When summer fades into autumn, swap your summer clothes for more cozy outfits and pair this blazer jacket to achieve the perfect outfit transition. Being oversized, it's a great layering option, and its black hue makes it a timeless piece fitting for any occasion or season.

In conclusion, the Myla Oversized Faux Leather Blazer Jacket is not just any jacket. It’s a versatile, stylish, and top-quality piece that fuses comfort with fashion, making it an essential addition to every woman's wardrobe. It adds a splash of sophistication to any outfit, be it summer clothes, ladies’ dresses or your daily fashion staples.

We urge you to dip yourself into luxury and make a statement with our lush label that is all about delivering quality, style, and comfort rolled into one. Indulge in the elegance of the Myla Oversized Faux Leather Blazer Jacket, a true fashion designer piece, and witness as it elevates your style like never before!