Naya 'Ooh La La' Knitted Jumper Sweater Top-Ivory

Welcome, fashionistas! We are here to introduce you to a super trendy addition to your wardrobe - our Naya 'Ooh La La' Knitted Jumper Sweater Top in lush ivory. It's a sassy number that's about to become your next favourite piece of casual wear. With a vivid 'Ooh la la' print front and centre, it's stylish, flirty and full of personality.

One aspect that sets this knitted jumper top apart is its asymmetric high-low detail. A smart style statement, this design gives the jumper a modern, chic edge. With long sleeves and a soft, stretchy feel, it offers a perfect blend of comfort and style.

This Naya 'Ooh la la' Jumper comes in approx sizes of S/M (UK 8/10) and M/L (UK 10/12), catering to a range of body types. Its length is also noteworthy - with a front middle length of about 14" (36cm) and back length of approximately 23" (59cm). This showcases the high-low asymmetry that is designed to flatter every figure.

The Naya 'Ooh la la' Jumper is crafted with fine materials, comprising 85% Acrylic and 15% Polyamide. This blend ensures the sweater is soft, stretchy, and comfortable yet certainly durable.

Now, why does this Naya 'Ooh La La' Knit fit perfectly into your contemporary wardrobe? For starters, sweaters are not just winter staples anymore. They have claimed an essential space in summer clothes collections, demonstrating their stylish versatility across seasons. With its lightweight feel and stretchy comfort, this jumper fits right in.

It can be stylized in numerous ways to create various looks. Pair it with shorts and sneakers for a fun day out, or slide it over a party dress for those unpredictable chilly summer nights. It's the epitome of fierce fashion that complements the women's dresses in your wardrobe.

Speaking of fashion dresses, this jumper's fun 'Ooh la la' print pairs wonderfully with bold colours and patterns, making for striking night-out or casual day outfits. And if you're attending a social event, combine this trendy jumper with your favourite party dresses for a distinctive style statement.

Among all cheap dresses and tops out there, the Naya 'Ooh La La' Knitted Jumper stands tall. More than just an affordable piece, it's a quality investment that will serve you through many seasons and occasions.

The ivory Naya 'Ooh La La' Knitted Jumper is from our lush label collection, which guarantees stunning and trendsetting designs. Our label assures superior quality materials and the utmost attention to detail in every piece.

In conclusion, the Naya 'Ooh La La' Knitted Jumper is nothing short of a must-have fashion item. Apart from its softness and the comfort it offers, the asymmetric high-low detail presents the perfect modern twist to a traditional jumper. The 'Ooh La La' print further adds to its charm.

Whether it’s styled with summer clothes for a sunny day out or draped over party dresses for an additional touch of warmth, this jumper hits all the right style notes. Embrace the fashion-forward side of you with this lush label piece and make delightful and trendy fashion statements every day.