Nessie Tassel Knitted Cardigan

Knitwear isn't just for winter, and the Nessie Tassel Knitted Cardigan proves just that! This soft and stylish piece is perfect for transitioning between the seasons. Its open front and longline design adds a touch of elegance to any outfit, while its softness and stretchiness ensure ultimate comfort.

This cardigan offers a flattering, comfy fit with long sleeves, perfect for casual day-out or night out wear. Its biggest attraction is the tassel detail on the hem. This fun and fringy addition adds a unique twist, setting it apart from your typical knitwear and injecting some life into your wardrobe.

Suitable for a diverse range of body types, the Nessie Tassel Knitted Cardigan is available in sizes S/M (UK 8/12) and L/XL (UK 12/14). Hence, everyone from petite to plus size can enjoy the comfort and chic look of this versatile cardigan. At an approximate length of 33" (or 84cm), this cardigan has a flattering, elongated silhouette that works with various style preferences and body shapes.

Manufactured in Italy from a material blend of 85% Acrylic and 15% Polyamide, the Nessie Tassel Knitted Cardigan doesn't just look great, it feels great too! Step out and make a fashion statement in this unique piece of knitwear that represents the perfect blend of comfort and style.

Now, the potential of the Nessie Tassel Knitted Cardigan doesn't stop at everyday wear. Picture this – a breezy summer's day, and you're dressed in one of our beautiful summer dresses. You have plans to meet friends at a late lunch, and although the sun is shining, there's a slight chill in the air. So, what do you reach for? The Nessie Tassel Knitted Cardigan, of course!

This cardigan pairs effortlessly with our range of summer dresses, adding a layer of warmth without compromising on style. Its longer length and open front design don't obstruct the view of your dress, but complement it. Then, as the day turns into night and the weather cools, you're prepared and looking chic.

If you're a follower of fashion trends and have a soft spot for fashion dresses, then the Nessie Tassel Knitted Cardigan is sure to become a go-to piece in your wardrobe. Its unique design and comfortable fabric make it the perfect accompaniment to any of our fashion dresses.

The beauty of our Nessie Tassel Knitted Cardigan is that it goes beyond the standard sizing. It's ideal for those seeking plus size dresses too. Enjoy shopping for your new cardigan and know that we cater to all bodies, sizes, and shapes in our women's clothing online.

At lush label, we believe that everyone has the right to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in their clothing. That's why we're offering the Nessie Tassel Knitted Cardigan, a piece that embodies these qualities and stretches to accommodate a range of body sizes. Shop our women's clothing online today and see the lush label difference.

So, in summary, the Nessie Tassel Knitted Cardigan is a fashion-forward piece that offers both comfort and style. Its soft, stretchy fabric and distinct tassel detail make it a chic addition to any outfit, while its inclusive sizing, accommodating from petite to plus size, ensures it's a piece that everyone can enjoy.

Browse our online store today and check out our versatile collection, including fashion dresses, summer dresses, and of course, the Nessie Tassel Knitted Cardigan. It's time to add a touch of comfortable chic to your wardrobe!