Nina PU Leatherette High Waisted Leggings-Black

Experience the must-have fashion trend of PU leatherette leggings with our stunning Nina PU Leatherette High Waisted Leggings-Black. These stylish figure hugging leggings are designed to enhance your silhouette, making you look chic and feel confident. They are versatile enough to be paired with almost anything from your wardrobe, making them a necessary addition to your collection of women's clothing online.

Available in five sizes: Approx. sizes: XS (6), S (UK 8), M (UK 10), L (UK 12), XL (UK 14), these leggings offer a comfortable fit for everyone. They come with an elasticated waistband which gives a snug fit, while ensuring that you do not feel too constricted. It’s a balance between comfort and style, a combination that’s rare to find.

What lends to the charm and popularity of these leggings is the addition of an approx. length: inside leg measures:27"(69cm), which makes these leggings the perfect length - not too short and not too long.

The material used in crafting these leggings comprises a blend of 67% Polyester, 30% Polyurethane, and 3% Elastane. An interesting mix that results in a pair of leggings that stretch well, fit perfectly and maintain their shape even after prolonged use. Plus, they have a soft, fleece-lined inner layer for enhanced comfort.

As part of your summer dresses, these leggings can add an edge to your outfit. Pair them with tunics or short dresses for a bold and stylish look. They also seamlessly blend in with fashion dresses due to their high waist and sleek appeal. The black colour gives it a universal appeal, making it easier to match with any outfit.

Whether you want to go for a casual look or a chic evening style, these leggings fit the bill. They amplify the allure of your cheap clothes and elevate them to look more expensive and high-end. The high-waisted feature of the leggings cinches the waist, adds definition to your shape, and enhances your figure. They are ideal for daytime wear as well as for a night out on the town.

When it comes to online shopping, these leggings are making quite a stir. In the world of women's clothing online, the Nina PU Leatherette High Waisted Leggings are rising rapidly due to their impeccable quality and affordable price tag. This is a pair of leggings that can transform an entire outfit and turn everyday clothes into something special.

The Nina PU Leatherette High Waisted Leggings are brought to you by lush label. A brand that thrives on providing budget-friendly, physically flattering and high-quality clothing for women.

Not only do these leggings offer effortless style, they also offer uncompromised comfort. This makes them a go-to fashion item for any woman craving comfort without sacrificing personal style. These leggings are capable of making casual look chic, inexpensive look luxurious, all while providing the comfort one needs.

In summary, the Nina PU Leatherette High Waisted Leggings-Black is a versatile fashion item coming in varied sizes and with a comfortable length. They feature an elasticated waistband, are crafted with a blend of 67% Polyester, 30% Polyurethane, and 3% Elastane, and are lined with soft fleece on the inside for enhanced comfort.

They effortlessly fit into any context - be it with casual summer dresses or chic evening fashion dresses. By combining comfort, style and affordability, these leggings are perfect for any wardrobe, and certainly worth considering in your next online shopping spree for women's clothes.