Sharika Striped Print Heart Knitted Jumper Top-Black

Fall in love with comfort and style with the Sharika Striped Print Heart Knitted Jumper Top in classy black. A gorgeous casual wear knitted jumper top that stands out with its unique charm and elegance. Designed with an enticing blend of fashion and functionality, this exquisite piece is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe.

Available in different colours, this top allows you to mix and match with a variety of bottoms to create multiple stylish ensembles. Its charismatic crew neckline is adorned with a small heart printed detail that's undeniably chic and sophisticated. Perfect for casual occasions or a day out with your friends, this sweater is a smart choice for every fashion-conscious woman.

Akin to slipping into a soft and cozy sanctuary, this knitted jumper is designed to be stretchy and accommodating, with long sleeves to protect you from the chill. With approx sizes: S/M (UK 8/10) M/L (UK 10/12), it can comfortably fit most body types, adding an element of comfort to your fashion game.

Luxuriously crafted from an 85% Acrylic and 15% Polyamide blend, this jumper boasts a decent length of 25"(64cm), offering the perfect balance between urban chic and casual comfort. Italians particularly treasure Acrylic for its wool-like feel, it's easy to wash, retains shape, and is quick to dry. Polyamide on the other hand, provides a silky touch, resilience, and a comfortable stretch.

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In conclusion, the Sharika Striped Print Heart Knitted Jumper Top-Black is a stunning piece that perfectly merges fashion with comfort. Not only can it make you stand tall in a crowd, but it will also make you feel pampered and comfortable at the same time.

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