Vail Oversized 'LA California' Printed Jumper Sweatshirt-Black

Introducing the Vail Oversized 'LA California' Printed Jumper Sweatshirt-Black! Perfect for a casual day out or just lounge-wear, this oversized jumper top is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. With its comfortable fit and stylish design, it is the epitome of cozy and fashion-forward streetwear.

Available in different colours, you can choose the one that best matches your style. Whether you prefer classic black or a bold and vibrant hue, the Vail Oversized Jumper Sweatshirt offers variety to cater every fashion taste. The added crew neckline with long sleeves makes it the ideal item to layer up in colder months, but also versatile enough for a simple and chic summer night outfit.

Detail to attention has been taken as it flauts 'Los Angeles California' emblazoned on the front, catering to those who love the urban vibe. This printed detail gives off an effortless yet edgy streetwear aesthetic. Pair it with ripped jeans and trainers, and you're set to rock the street fashion world.

One of the key features of this sweatshirt is its soft, stretchy material with a fleece lining underneath. This feature ensures optimal warmth and coziness, while the stretchy fabric accommodates different body types. It comes in one size that fits UK sizes from 8 up to 12, perfectly suiting the realm of plus size dresses and fashion dresses. The sweatshirt's approximate length is 32" (82cm) and it is 100% cotton, ensuring comfort throughout the day. It is proudly made in Italy, a country known for its quality and fashionable garments.

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What makes this Vail Oversized Sweatshirt unique is its appeal to both fashion and comfort. Think about slipping into this lush label after a long day at work, or even wearing it as a go-to top for a casual day out. The oversized fit allows it to serve as a dress or jumper, complementing a range of outfits and striking the sweet spot for those who shop for dresses online.

For those who love to frequent cocktail parties or social events, this sweatshirt can be your quick style fix. Pair it with a glittery miniskirt to transform your day outfit into a sleek and stylish cocktail dress. You'll see how easily the Vail Oversized Sweatshirt transitions from a casual day piece to an elegant night attire, saving you time and a wardrobe change!

Considering the rising popularity of plus size dresses in the fashion world, the oversized nature of this sweatshirt ensures a comfortable fit for all. Despite being an oversized item, it's designed to flatter any figure, making you feel confident and trendy.

The Sweatshirt's multipurpose nature allows it to fit seamlessly into your existing wardrobe. Pair it with leggings for a casual look, or jeans for a weekend outing. It even goes well under overcoats to create a layered outfit perfect for the colder seasons. This Vail sweatshirt's adaptability sees no bounds.

Add some laid-back vibes to your attire with this LA-printed sweatshirt. The Los Angeles print not only adds an exciting element but can also spark interesting conversations or express your love for this vibrant city. Incorporating city-themed outfits into your wardrobe has never been so easy.

Summing up, the Vail Oversized 'LA California' Printed Jumper Sweatshirt is a true celebration of comfort and fashion. Its oversized design, soft and stretchy fabric, and unique LA print set it apart. Its versatility ensures suitability for different occasions, from everyday wear to social gatherings.

This lush label item promises you that relaxed and effortless appearance while delivering warmth and comfort. No wonder it's a hot choice for those who prefer shopping for dresses online. Add this fine piece of fashion to your collection, and let the compliments pour in!