Vail Oversized 'LA California' Printed Jumper Sweatshirt-Stone

The Vail oversized 'LA California' printed jumper sweatshirt in the trendy stone shade has everything a modern fashionista could ask for: comfort blended with casual chic style; a crew neckline paired and long sleeves providing the perfect balance of coverage and ease; plus a front 'Los Angeles California' printed detail adding that graphic touch to the minimalistic design instantaneously upping its fashion quotient. It’s the ideal oversized jumper top to throw on for those casual comfy wear days when you want your effortless style to speak your language.

The sweatshirt is available in different colours to cater to different fashion moods and complement different wardrobe ranges. All you have to do is to choose the hue that reflects your fashion sense the best or get them all to keep your style versatile and updated!

This stress-free style isn't just about the look. It’s about the feel too! The Vail oversized 'LA California' printed jumper sweatshirt is soft and stretchy with a fleece lining underneath making it a plush wear. No wonder it hugs you right and feels like a soft blanket wrapped around on a cold day.

The sweatshirt comes in one size: UK 8-12. The flexible fit works well for anyone between size 8 and size 12. It is approximately 32"(82cm) in length, giving you ample coverage and freedom to pair it as you wish. Plus, the sweatshirt is made of 100% Cotton for a pure, rich feel.

Every Vail sweatshirt piece has been lovingly made in Italy upholding superior standards of craftsmanship. Its international appeal and quality reassurance make it an excellent addition to your regular rotation. However, do bear in mind that bloggers’ photos are for reference only, and the actual product might slightly vary due to product enhancement. Checking the mannequin images for the exact style images can ensure that you have the correct idea about the product you are adding to your shopping basket!

Now, you may wonder how this piece of women's clothing online fits into the context of your wardrobe, especially if you are into more traditional styles like plus size dresses or summer dresses. Well, we firmly believe that diversity and versatility are the keys to an impactful and timeless wardrobe. By adding this sweatshirt into your closet, you are including a kind of comfy chic that can serve you well on many occasions.

How about those brunch dates with your girls? Or those movie nights? Or even casual Friday office wear when you want to break free from the usual formal clothes? The Vail sweatshirt fits in all of these contexts effortlessly.

Moreover, the sweatshirt is not a seasonal wear piece. In winter, it provides you with warmth and chic layers. In slightly warmer seasons, the sweatshirt can effortlessly work as a light outer layer.

Plus, who says you can't dress it up for a party eve? The lush label of Vail also enhances the sweatshirt's appearance and enriches its fashion credibility. All you need are some statement accessories, a pair of heels, and you're ready to rock a cool, laid-back party look that no summer dresses can replicate!

The Vail sweatshirt is more than just a piece of clothing. It’s a style statement, a standout that transforms your style game like no other. Being a part of the amazing online shopping spree for women's clothing, it offers you a chance to step out of the traditional realm and explore the magic of minimalistic and graphic casual wear.

In conclusion, the Vail oversized 'LA California' printed jumper sweatshirt is a fashionable, comfy and versatile addition to any wardrobe. It can be dressed down for a cosy movie night or dressed up for a party, and is suitable for wear in any weather. A touch of the right accessories can elevate this cozy sweatshirt into a chic ensemble, providing a fresh and edgy alternative to the usual dresses.

The sweatshirt encourages you to explore your style and experiment with various looks, breaking the boundaries of traditional dresses and clothes. Let's expand your wardrobe beyond summer dresses and plus size dresses, into a new realm of comfy and stylish sweatshirts. Add the Vail oversized 'LA California' printed jumper sweatshirt to your online shopping basket today, and embrace the chic and trendy side of comfort wear.