Lush Label Collaboration Programme

Monetise your social media pages with the latest trends.

More inspirational content for your followers who will love the fact they can surf through the styles of their favourite influencers.

Our unique website system allows you to track and measure every sale that comes from your page. Once your account is open, you have a full dashboard full of tools to track everything.

You can look in at any time and withdraw your earnings to your chosen bank when you like.

The Lush Label Collaboration Programme is not your normal affiliate programme but a unique programme that matches fashionable tastemakers who come with a mission to capture their style, embody their brand along with Lush Label, and inspire fashion lovers from all walks of life.

We have loads of opportunities for motivated, charismatic influencers who love fashion.

Join us to make an even bigger influencers closet:

Fill in the form below and apply to collaborate with us. We will assess your social media pages and style to see if you are a good fit.

If successful, we will write back to you and start the design and styling process.

We will work with you to choose the best garments that fit your image, body type and your style.

We want you to feel amazing and be proud of your collection choice.

You will have your own account and page on the Lush Label website.

Just copy your link and use Instagram’s in-site swipe up feature that will be directly linked to your Lush Label account.

It only take a few minutes to setup your account after you have been approved.



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